USED CAR DEALER STORES - How to find a good mechanic..!!

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I never liked car dealers much.. but one day I became one. I'd like to think I was an honest fair dealer, but regardless...

If you want to find a good mechanic, make friends with a small used car dealer or 3 or 4, and ask them who they recommend to be fair and honest.

Even if U aren't interested in trading cars, most dealers will tell you of a good honest mechanic or 2, 'cause they want U to return & trade with them. Once you have a few names, mention them AFTER the dealer gives U a recommendation or two.

I guarantee you... CAR DEALERS KNOW..! Who do you suppose repairs more cars than anyone??

It's obviously a used car dealer.. and not to screw the public.. it's just that they get trade-ins, & buy cars that need some repairs.. been there CHEERS.. wildwillie

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